Championing Patient Choice

BonCulina is an award-winning chilled and frozen prepared meal manufacturer for the healthcare and complementary markets. We offer a range of multi and single portion dishes to customers and patients. A trusted partner to the NHS for patient and restaurant dining we also operate in the private healthcare, education and care markets. Please contact us to find out how our cost-effective meal solutions can work for you.

Our Food

Our flexible approach to catering recognises that one size does not fit all. Whether you have catering services on site and require help with a few wards, or you run a hospital with limited facilities and require a fully delivered service, BonCulina’s range of nutritious prepared meals has the right solution for you.

BonCulina Plated

BonCulina Plated is our individual frozen meal range. With more than 40 meals to choose from, it is delivered with an innovative removable base via Torus Pak™ packaging, ensuring easy and precise presentation at every meal service.

BonCulina Multi-Portion

BonCulina Multi-Portion is a flexible multi-portion meal range, available both chilled and frozen. BonCulina Multi-Portion offers a variety of nutritionally balanced dishes including 36 vegetarian and 11 vegan main meals.

Patient Priority

Our core prepared meal ranges deliver a value for money service whilst respecting every patient’s right to a meal which is both appetising and nutritionally suitable for them. We are proud of the meals we produce, all supported by our registered Dietitian.

Vegan Hospital Meals

BonCulina is the first of its kind to register a range of dishes with the Vegan Trademark via the Vegan Society. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are available in all our ranges.

Children’s Meals

Available in our BonCulina Plated individual frozen meal range, our child friendly dishes have been designed around the nutritional requirements of 4-10 year olds. Each meal comes in a child friendly portion size, providing plenty of choice and access to good quality food.

Finger Food

To support patient independence, BonCulina has developed a finger food range, available in both multi –portion and individual meals. This nutritious range has been designed to support dining dignity for patients who suffer from dementia, upper limb injuries, those with IV cannulas in situ and patient groups who struggle to eat with cutlery.

Smaller Meals Plus

Our most recent addition, is the Smaller Meals Plus range. Available in BonCulina Plated as a frozen individual meal, the range of eight dishes is suitable for patients who require nourishment in a more manageable size.

About Us

From humble beginnings in a single NHS hospital kitchen over 30 years ago, we have grown to become one of the country’s favorite chilled and frozen meal manufacturers, with award winning products to suit every taste.

For over 30 years, we have been offering a broad range of multi-portion and individual dishes. We currently supply over 100 NHS sites and have become a trusted partner to NHS, providing meals for both patient and restaurant dining. In May 2023 Anglia Crown was acquired by International foodservice operator BonCulina. The new company rebranded as BonCulina, and is fusing the proud food tradition of Anglia Crown with the innovative international solutions that BonCulina brings to the table. The company employs more than 160 people, and manufactures approximately 40,000 chilled and frozen meals each day.

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