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Accelerated cooking

As a food manufacturer supplying the healthcare sector, Anglia Crown understands the need for reliable equipment to help accelerate the cooking process and cater for the high demands of hospital settings.

Paul Howell, head of commercial at Anglia Crown says:

“At Anglia Crown, we manufacture more than 40,000 chilled and frozen meals each day, working with over 100 hospital sites in the UK.

We provide a range of cost-effective meal solutions suitable for individual needs and budgets, as well as differing environments including those with limited space, equipment, resources and staff.

Several hospitals across the country are dependent on equipment to help accelerate the cooking process, and as a prepared meal supplier, we fully understand the operational constraints they work under.

But one thing every hospital catering team has in common is the desire to provide patients with a nutritious balanced meal to help support them in their recovery.

Advancements in technology have helped ensure pre-prepared meals can be cooked and served to patients in a matter of minutes, without the need to compromise on quality and taste.

Every dish we produce is created side by side with our qualified dietitian and is rigorously tested and tasted.

Our Crown Choice core menu range features single and multi-portion, chilled and frozen options, while our recently updated Crown Advantage range includes around 40 frozen main menu choices.

We can assess each ward separately to determine which service is best for them and provide a suitable patient meal system offering quality food, plenty of choice and flexibility.”

He adds:

“Equipment to help accelerate the cooking process is important across several cost sector environments, but it can prove essential to the high demands of hospital settings.

Our individual prepared dishes allow customers to serve the exact number of patients on a ward at any time.

The service is suitable for a variety of operations and allows hospitals with no kitchen to provide hot meals to patients. It can be particularly beneficial to high on-demand wards such as oncology and maternity, as well as out of hours’ services, satellite sites and community hospitals.

Crown Advantage’s innovative packaging allows for precise presentation to ensure consistency at every meal service. It can be transferred from the pack to a warm plate or bowl, exactly as it comes in the container, with the aid of the removable base.

At Anglia Crown, we continually aim to support the healthcare sector to ensure all hospital patients have access to nutritious, tasty and appetising meals, whatever their religious, cultural or dietary requirements may be.”

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