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Anglia Crown develops reduced-sugar desserts

In response to the national drive for sugar reduction, Anglia Crown has developed reduced-sugar desserts as part of its individual frozen range, Crown Advantage.

The award-winning manufacturer for the UK’s healthcare sector, will be launching a reduced-sugar sponge and a reduced-sugar apple sponge this September.

The new sponge desserts will contain approximately one-third of the sugar content of the company’s standard sponges.


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The desserts provide more than 200 calories and 5g protein per serving and are made with whole-wheat flour instead of refined white flour.

Paul Howell, head of commercial at Anglia Crown, said:

“Desserts form a significant part of a two or three-course hospital meal and are often something people look forward to.

“But with sugar becoming a major problem in food, Anglia Crown has been looking at ways to develop desserts using less sugar.

“With a greater awareness of the health implications excess sugar consumption can lead to, the industry has seen a rise in consumer demand for reduced-sugar products and has responded accordingly.

“At Anglia Crown, we want all patients to have access to food suitable for their requirements, which is why we have worked hard to ensure they have a healthier option available to them and do not have to miss out on a hot dessert.”

He added: “We understand the importance of developing new products to meet the ever-changing needs within healthcare catering and our Crown Advantage desserts offer a practical solution for caterers.

“Being sold in individual pots not only means patients who require reduced-sugar desserts have an appropriate option, but it also helps hospitals keep food wastage to a minimum.”

Andrew Lone, general manager at Anglia Crown, said:

“The reformulation of products is one of the ways manufacturers are trying to do their bit to tackle excess sugar consumption, but we also need to ensure people are being properly educated about food and good nutrition.”

The sponge desserts will join the company’s reduced-sugar Eve’s pudding, which it introduced last year as part of its new and updated dessert range.



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