Anglia Crown’s Company Dietitian, Ruth Smith RD BSc (Hons), is a committee member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) Food Services Specialist Group (FSSG), an important element of the Associations links with not only health and care caterers and their patients and residents but also with those companies, like Anglia Crown, that produce so much of the food that features on our customers menus.

Ruth recently attended the BDA’s Annual Awards and Volunteer Day that celebrates their members’ great successes and achievements within dietetics. The evening recognised and celebrated outstanding individuals within the dietetic profession.

The awards were overseen by BDA Chair Caroline Bovey BEM, with more than one hundred people in attendance. This was the first in-person BDA Awards since 2019.

Ruth comments: “It was an important occasion because it was the first time that those of us from the Food Services Specialist Group had had the chance to meet up face-to-face for so long. We carry out a lot of work on behalf of patients and residents across the four nations, but everything has, until recently, had to be carried out over ‘Teams’ or ‘Zoom’. You cannot beat the personal contact and it was good to see some wonderful people receiving their well-earned awards.”

The Food Services Specialist Group is currently working on the third edition of the BDA’s Nutrition and Hydration Digest. Fondly known as ‘The Digest’ it is a fundamental resource covering the provision of quality nutrition and hydration for Dietitians, Caterers, Nurses and others working in health and social care. The new edition is due to be launched later this year, and Anglia Crown is proud to be playing our part.

Pictured above (l to r) Ruth Smith, Elise Kelly, BDA FSSG member, Phillip Shelley, NHS England & NHS Improvement, Lauren Bowen and Maxine Cartz, BDA FSSG members