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Anglia Crown joins PS100 lobby group and joins catering’s top 20 at House of Commons roundtable

PrintAnglia Crown is delighted to announce is has joined the public sector lobby group PUBLIC SECTOR 100 (PS100)

The group was set up to create a collective lobbying voice to  drive government legislation towards healthier lifestyles through Public Sector catering and education initiatives.

Last week, Anglia Crown’s Head of Commercial Paul Howell joined the top twenty most influential decision makers in public sector catering for their annual House of Commons round table event.

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img_2452The PS100 group is an united voice on key issues for the public sector caterers. For the past three years they have held a high profile luncheon at the House of Commons for the top 20 most influential public sector caterers, who use this as an opportunity to debate the key issues facing public sector caterers as a whole. The aims  to bring catering issues to the attention of Government and influence policy on health, nutrition and wellbeing.

The group focuses on diet, nutrition and international commitments to sustainability and carbon reduction. Its aim is to influence the public feeding agenda in the UK for years to come and as a group it embraces trade associations across all public sector catering including HCA, LACA, NACC and prison service.
On Tuesday 13th, Anglia Crown’s Paul Howell joined the group as part of Anglia Crown’s corporate support for PS100. Nutrition, hydration, obesity and malnutrition were all hot topics. Hosted by Dewberry Redpoints Group Managing Editor, David Foad, the debate kicked off with PS100 Chair Andy Jones stating:

“We have the health of the nation in our hands, and its within our remit to make it better”

When asked if a 20% reduction in sugar was possible for manufacturers to fulfill, Anglia Crown’s Paul Howell commented:

img_2455“Yes it is achievable and we are always delighted to support healthy food initiatives, but it comes down to palate too. We have to provide appetising food for our customers. Look at what happened when we were asked to produce wholemeal pastry. Yes we were able to achieve it but it takes time for people to adapt their sense of enjoyment and taste”

A full report will be published in Cost Sector Catering’s 2017 January edition

The next PS100 event will be at the Big Hospitality Show Birmingham, January 23rd – January 24th 2017




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