Anglia Crown, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of chilled and frozen meals to the healthcare sector, announces that their ‘Crown Advantage Butternut Squash Curry’ has been nominated for the category Best Vegetarian/Vegan/Meat-Free at the prestigious The British Frozen Food Awards.

The British Frozen Food Awards, which will take place following the Business Conference in the spring of 2021, is notably known as the leading foodservice awards organization honouring excellence in frozen products from the retail sector to the foodservice sector. Each year, The British Frozen Food Awards brings together industry experts, presents the latest foodservice innovations and celebrates the best products from 15 categories.

To diversify the vegan offerings, Anglia Crown became the first manufacturer in healthcare to list dishes with the Vegan Society and has launched in April 2019 their ‘Crown Advantage Butternut Squash Curry’ which proved to be a bestseller. The meal was carefully developed by Anglia Crown’s team of food technologists with input from their company dietitian.

Mary Wedge, Business Development Manager, Anglia Crown, comments on the two nominations,

‘’As the first manufacturer in healthcare to register dishes with the Vegan Society, we are extremely proud of our front-running reputation in vegan manufacturing. Since our first Vegan Society registration in 2017, we now have more than 70 vegan products registered with them. We are thrilled our delicious, vegan, Crown Advantage Butternut Squash, from our meal range has been recognised by the BFFF and shortlisted in the Best New Vegetarian/Vegan/Meat-Free Category.’’

Anglia Crown continues to innovate and build products that promote the well-being and healthy recovery of patients in hospital and residents in care, through delicious and balanced prepared meals. Boasting more than 20 years of experience in the prepared meals market, Anglia Crown’s meals are developed by their team of food technologists and dietitians, allowing customers to opt for flexible meal solutions based on environments, dietary requirements and personal budget.

Anglia Crown’s success and the industry recognition are based on maintaining high standards of cooking and on including high-quality vegan dishes beautifully delivered using the award-winning removable base Torus Pak™ packaging, allowing dishes to be beautifully displayed.