This year represents the 10th anniversary of Nutrition and Hydration Week and once again Anglia Crown is proud to be supporting the event, 14th to 20th March. The week helps to highlight the importance of maintaining healthy levels of nutrition as well as keeping everyone properly hydrated.

Did you know that water makes up two thirds of our body? Anyone can become dehydrated, but some groups are particularly at risk. Good hydration helps concentration and reduces the risk of bed sores in care settings. It also helps with a patient’s recovery, so it is important that we remember these facts throughout the year, not just for this week.

It is estimated that around 3 million people are at risk of malnutrition in the UK, to help counter this, maintaining health and wellbeing in health and social care remains at the heart of our business. Everyday we are looking to innovate, and our product development hasn’t been put to one side during the pandemic, indeed these unprecedented times have reminded us of the importance of the service that we provide our customers.

We recognise that everyone is an individual so all dietary requirements can be catered for within our core range of products, we can even provide individual dishes for those who prefer finger foods or through our partner Simply Food if required modified textured meals. Anglia Crown were proud to be the first of its kind to register a range of dishes with the Vegan Trademark, promoted by the Vegan Society, serving the increasing demand for plant-based foods.

Our menus change to reflect the seasons. We currently offer a full range of menu choices including more than 36 vegetarian and 11 vegan meals.

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