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Anglia Crown to launch dessert range at HCA leadership and development forum 2016

AnglianCrown_11465 LRWe are delighted to announce we will be launching our brand new and updated dessert range at this years HCA leadership and development forum  

The range consists of 9 updated recipes within their dessert range of over 50 choices.

The new recipes aim cover all preferences. From hot to cold, rich to light, there is something which can accommodate anyone who enjoys a sweet dish.

Desserts in the range include some traditional sweets such as bread and butter pudding, apple pie with farmhouse chunks of apple and a pastry filled date and apple crunch.

Also available within the range is a brand new almond flavoured ginger sponge with sultanas, a classic apple crumble, an apple sponge with almond flavour, an eves pudding for those who enjoy the sponge dessert and a reduced sugar eves pudding for those who prefer the lighter option.

Anglia Crown believe desserts are a fundamental part of a two course meal and as patients look forward to them, Anglia Crown wanted to ensure that they provide high quality options to go on the menu. Choice is something Anglia Crown believe to be important, as with main meals, variety is key to keeping patients eating in hospitals content, as well as providing a range of different nutrients.

Graham Thornton, Commercial Director

“People often have a misconception that dessert options in hospitals and care homes only go as far as a fruit cake but this isn’t the case at all.  At Anglia Crown we provide the same quality across all of our dishes as we hold each one in high regard.

 Progress is being made across the cost sector industry in terms of quality and presentation of food, we’re doing the same with our desserts too. Within our range we offer options to provide a variety to ensure we can cover many preferences and tastes.”

Each recipe improvement is taken very seriously at Anglia Crown, the team and their very own Registered Dietitian take time to ensure each improvement does not only effect the taste of the dish, but also keeping in line with nutrition guidelines.

AnglianCrown_11450 LRHe continues;

“As desserts become more appealing in food service there is a worry for those with health concerns or allergies which is why it is more important now than ever to ensure there are a wide range of options available.

We have a Registered Dietitian here at Anglia Crown to work on developments and providing alternative nutritionally balanced options across all of our ranges.”

Anglia Crown’s new and updated recipes will be joining a host of other very popular desserts already on offer. This includes a rich chocolate fudge cake, a sweet mincemeat crumble tart, a raspberry jelly and one of Anglia Crown’s best sellers, sticky toffee sponge with dates and butterscotch sauce,

Anglia Crown will be on stands 45 and 46 at this year’s HCA forum where tasting sessions will be held.

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