Nouvita Healthcare offers high-quality care for people aged 18 onwards with a range of mental health needs, learning disabilities and challenging behaviours. Nouvita Healthcare is also committed to providing a wide range of menus and quality food which meets various dietary requirements. Nouvita had previously had an in-house catering service before deciding to bring Anglia Crown on board as its trusted partner.

Anglia Crown held a training day at each home demonstrating how to use its partner’s innovative VGen trolleys to cook, display and serve its award-winning frozen meals. The VGen trolley, provided by E&R Moffat, is the perfect complement to Anglia Crown’s nutritionally balanced and delicious meals and is extremely user-friendly. The mix of equipment and quality foods have proved so popular with staff and residents that Nouvita Healthcare intends to roll out Anglia Crown’s products and the Moffatt trolley throughout the rest of the group, which comprises seven care homes and hospitals in total.

Mary Wedge, business development manager at Anglia Crown, comments:

“We were delighted to be appointed by Nouvita Healthcare and to be able to work with and train all the staff on using both Anglia Crown products, together with VGen trolley to provide a cost reduced solution which met not only with the resident’s requirements but also Nouvita providing quality, dietetic, cultural, dysphagia and nutritious meals for all.

We pride ourselves on our innovative and individual customer approach to foodservice and delivering high-quality meals that are nutritionally balanced without sacrificing taste. By our customers using the E&R Moffat VGen trolley, they can be assured every meal will be cooked to perfection and comply as thanks to the three-zone oven it ensures optimal temperature control. We’re looking forward to working alongside Nouvita Healthcare in the future to roll out our products and the E&R Moffat VGen trolley to the rest of the group.”