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Anglia Crown’s desserts in Cost Sector Catering magazine

This month’s issue of Cost Sector Catering magazine includes a feature on desserts and ice cream with comments from Anglia Crown’s Paul Howell and Ruth Smith.   See the full article online in the April 2017 edition here.

Anglia Crown offers a range of desserts to help patients have a sense of normality during their hospital stay.

Paul Howell, Head of Commercial at Anglia Crown, says: “Desserts form a significant part of a two-course hospital meal and are often something people look forward to.

“A traditional sweet treat such as a bread and butter pudding or an apple crumble, may invoke fond memories for patients and encourage those with a reduced appetite to try to eat a little more.

They can also help address the problem of malnutrition – which affects around one in three people admitted to hospital – by increasing the calorie uptake of those most at risk.”

Anglia Crown has more than 50 multi-portion chilled and frozen desserts in its range, ensuring clients and service-users have ample choice.


Ruth Smith, Registered Dietitian for Anglia Crown, says:

“We know desserts are a key part of the hospital dining experience for patients. They are important psychologically, as providing a choice to patients offers them a sense of control over something that directly affects them.

“In addition, the importance of mealtimes is amplified in hospitals, as they give the day structure, and an enjoyable dessert helps add another sensory experience to enhance their overall satisfaction.”

She adds:

“A tasty pudding is not just about making patients’ mealtimes more exciting. A tempting dessert can entice a patient with a poor appetite to eat, and can be hugely important in contributing to their overall nutritional intake. This is especially true for raising a nutritionally vulnerable patient’s calorie intake.

“For example, a typical main course in hospital provides between 300-500 kcals, while a hot dessert with custard offers 300-400 kcals. Milk-based desserts also contribute significantly to a patient’s overall protein intake.”





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