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Anglia Crown’s innovative packaging

Hospital caterers face numerous challenges every day and one issue which continues to be a cause for concern is how they should look to reduce waste.

As a food manufacturer supplying the healthcare sector, Anglia Crown understands the catering constraints its clients work under from strict nutritional standards to decreasing NHS budgets.

Paul Howell, head of commercial at Anglia Crown, says: “At Anglia Crown, we work closely with customers to drive up standards, increase patient satisfaction and drive down wastage wherever possible. Each ward can be assessed separately to see which service is best for them, from long stay to EAU, the requirements vary – and so should the patient meal system to reflect best fit in terms of quality, choice and flexibility while keeping wastage to a minimum.

“We provide a range of cost-effective meal solutions suitable for individual needs and budgets, as well as differing environments including those with limited space, equipment, resources and staff. With a meal service tailored to specific requirements, hospitals can look to reduce their food and drink packaging waste, as well as their bulk and plate food waste.

“Our Crown Choice core menu range features single and multi-portion, chilled and frozen options, while our recently updated Crown Advantage with Smartpack technology range includes around 40 frozen main menu choices.

“Crown Advantage’s innovative packaging allows for precise presentation to ensure consistency at every meal service. It can be transferred from the pack to a warm plate or bowl, exactly as it comes in the container, with the aid of the removable base.

“The range enables caterers to provide a nutritionally balanced menu, while its exact portion size and control, helps to reduce wastage.”

He adds:

“Innovation is at the heart of our business and we continue to invest in research and the development of technology to be best placed to respond to the ever-growing and changing needs of our clients.

“Our individual prepared dishes allow customers to serve the exact number of patients on a ward at any time, helping hospitals reduce their waste as they look to make further cost savings.

“Hospitals opting for our service could benefit from improved efficiencies, cost savings, waste reductions and a consistent quality meal service.

“We also help customers cater for specific nutritional, dietary and cultural requirements with our specially developed ranges, including vegetarian, vegan and halal, as well as our recently developed finger food range.”


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