As event organiser for the National Association of Care Catering, Anglia Crown’s Mary Wedge was recently pleased to announce that Chef Steve Munkley, vice president of the Craft Guild of Chefs, has kindly accepted the role as the head judge for the NACC competition.

The NACC Care Chef of the Year competition is a fantastic platform to spotlight the skills, knowledge and excellence of chefs working within the care sector. The judges will be looking for a two-course menu, main course and dessert, suitable for service users in a care setting.

Mary explains: “The combined food cost for both courses should be no more than £3.00 per head based on three portions and the meal should be nutritionally balanced and incorporate one of the sponsor’s products as listed in the competition rules. Each contestant will be given 90 minutes to produce the meal.

“We know how creative our members can be, so with today’s economic climate are looking forward to seeing what is presented this year.”

Steve Munkley said: “I was privileged and honoured to be asked to head up the judging team for the NACC Chef of the year competition. I have a great amount of respect for the chefs who look after the elderly and disadvantaged guests in their care.

“All demanding different levels of nutrition which is constantly a challenge to this sector but is met with professionalism and flair by the chefs. I am excited to see what the great chefs of the care industry can do – especially after the last few years. I wish all competitors the best of luck!”

The panel of experts will view the entries and regional cook offs will take place in June/July. The best two from each of the six NACC regions will be invited to a cook-off in the final on 5th October 2022.

If you are interested in entering the NACC competition, visit here.