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Anglia Crown’s vegetarian ‘Choice’ for World Vegetarian Day

Anglian_Crown_2246 31Anglia Crown’s ten new Crown Choice vegetarian prepared meals are a perfect partner to help celebrate the national World Vegetarian Day on October 1st 2015.

Launched earlier this year, the ten new dishes are produced as multi-portion prepared meals in a choice of both frozen and chilled and help provide greater choice for vegetarians within healthcare environments.

Charity, Vegetarian for Life, estimate there are 6500 vegetarians in care homes in the UK, with approximately one in four care homes caring for a vegetarian, in addition to this many thousands of meat-free dishes are regularly being requested within the NHS. It is also increasingly noted that it is not only vegetarians who choose these options but many more are for lifestyle and health benefits. National World Vegetarian Day actively seeks to promote vegetarian diets and their associated health benefits within all catering environments.

The vegetarian prepared meals hail from around the world, including authentic flavours from Europe and Asia. Popular Italian meals feature in the range such as a delicious Quorn® tomato pasta and a penne pasta with mushrooms leek and cheese sauce.

Alongside this there are three pan-Asian and Indian cuisine dishes such as a sweet and sour Quorn®, a creamy lentil tomato and cauliflower Daal and an appealing mild vegetable Jalfrezi curry. The curry, is made with a plethora of healthy vegetables and pulses including peppers, garden peas, butternut squash, spinach, green beans, onions, carrots and cauliflower.

The range also accommodates for those who enjoy the traditional British favourites as well as the staple home cooked winter warmers. These include Anglia Crown’s cottage pie made with Quorn® and cheesy mash, a medium spiced vegetable and bean chilli, a chunky warming vegetable casserole with dumpling, a vegetable hot pot and a mushroom and Quorn® stroganoff.

Each of the new ten meat-free dishes complies with strict UK standards. This includes meeting the new salt reduction targets for 2017 published by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and ensuring that they are suitable for at least one of the following key dietetic codes: No Gluten Containing Ingredients, Healthier Eating, High Energy, Softer, as well as being suitable for vegetarians.

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