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Cost Sector Catering Magazine – ‘Food information regulations – an evolving challenge’

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Here is the first in the series of columns by our Registered Dietitian Ruth Smith in Cost Sector Catering magazine.

These will run throughout 2015, in this first one Ruth tackles the new Food Information Regulations. For the full article see below:


To visit the article online in the Cost Sector Magazine click here.

Food information regulations – an evolving challenge

The Food Information Regulations, launched 13th December 2014, are now in full force, but true understanding of the impact that they will have on our individual businesses is still very much in its infancy. The old approach to collating, producing and updating nutritional information has been significantly challenged and what is clear, is that the days where caterers or manufacturers issue nutritional information once a year in conjunction with updated menus, are quite definitely behind us.

At Anglia Crown, we provide fully nutritionally analysed prepared meals for hospitals and care homes, and we have responded to the Food Information Regulations in several ways.

Firstly, by improving our labelling system and the information presented upon each pack, and secondly by exploring new ways to communicate information to customers to provide them with instant updates, such as a bespoke online system.

Our prepared meals, whether chilled or frozen, help to feed approximately 18,000 people per day, over 100 sites nationwide, and I believe the challenge to meet full compliance, sits with improved supply chain communication.

It is not standard recipes or menus that will pose the greatest trial, but the last minute ingredient changes, or substitutions that require a more thought out approach. Innovation, technology and a dedicated best practice attitude is one path to ensuring full compliance.




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