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Cost Sector Catering magazine – ‘Nutrition and Hydration – We can all do more’

March CSC CoverThis is the second in the series of columns by our Registered Dietitian Ruth Smith in Cost Sector Catering magazine.

This Week Ruth discusses Nutrition and Hydration ahead of Nutrition and Hydration Week (16th – 22nd March) and what can be done to deliver excellence in nutritional care.

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Nutrition and Hydration – We can all do more

 As we welcome in Nutrition and Hydration Week (16th – 22nd March), it’s a good time to consider how to deliver excellence in nutritional care.

As a prepared meal manufacturer, our commitment has traditionally been to produce nutritionally analysed balanced meals. However, there is a second wheel to the patient experience, the so called ‘last nine yards’ of patient food services, that historically manufacturers such as Anglia Crown have had limited access and influence upon.

Over the past two years, we have not just looked inwards, but taken a holistic 360° approach, and dedicated resources to making a difference at the point of patient delivery.

It led us to bring to market the innovative Crown Advantage meal range, which offered an improved patient experience. Crown Advantage, uses removable base technology, to ensure that each meal is presented with full integrity. Every meal is released through the base of the packaging, without any tipping or scooping out required.  As many of us eat with our eyes, we realised that by improving meal presentation, we could also help increase patient satisfaction and therefore nutrition. For example, when trialled in NHS hospitals, Crown Advantage was found to help increase patient satisfaction by 10%.

With latest estimates suggesting that 1.3 million people over 65 in the UK suffer from malnutrition, surely it is all of our corporate responsibility to make as big a commitment as possible to improving nutrition and hydration throughout healthcare.

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