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Dietitian Ruth Smith in Cost Sector Catering magazine ‘Food service facing the big freeze’

Ruth SmithThis is the eighth in the series of 2016 columns for Cost Sector Catering magazine by our Registered Dietitian Ruth Smith.

This month Ruth discusses frozen food in food service

See the full article  below or view online in the August edition here.

Food service facing the big freeze 

Frozen food has come a long way since the distant 1970s, when potato waffles and Arctic roll first filled home freezers. Indeed, the days of frozen food being seen as inferior to fresh food when it comes to nutrition, flavour and quality are long gone. Nowadays the frozen food market is worth billions, and figures show sales are booming year on year. The attitudes of both caterers and consumers have quite rightly changed over time.

In our sector, we’ve long known the huge benefits frozen food offers leading to better stock control and less wastage. It’s also easy to store and has a far longer shelf life compared with chilled.

The quality, nutrition and flavour of today’s frozen food is great for diners too. Most vegetables are frozen within hours of being picked, so they retain more vitamins than fresh, and frozen individual meals can be cooked and served on wards quickly eliminating hot holding, so there’s even less reduction in nutritional value.

From Anglia Crown’s point of view we’re always looking to extend and improve our frozen food offering. We launched a new frozen dessert range this year at the HCA (Hospital Caterers Association) forum, and our Crown Advantage Lasagne won a BFFF (British Frozen Food Federation) GOLD award in 2015.

Ten years ago, our sales split was 98% chilled and only 2% frozen. But things have changed a lot. Now our frozen sales have overtaken our chilled sales by 53% to 47%. That’s quite a shift! We look forward to continuing to be at the forefront of developing even better frozen food in the future.


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