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Dietitian Ruth Smith in Cost Sector Catering magazine ‘Food standards improving food quality in hospitals’

Ruth SmithThis is the seventh in the series of 2016 columns for Cost Sector Catering magazine by our Registered Dietitian Ruth Smith.

This month Ruth discusses hospital food standards and its impact on nutrition

See the full article  below or view online in the July edition here.

Food standards improving food quality in hospitals

Working towards a patient centered dining experience is at the heart of Anglia Crown’s ethos.
That’s why creating hospital cuisine that’s appetising, enjoyable and nutritionally balanced can can go a long way to improving the experience, as well as having a positive effect on patients’ health.

As we know, when in hospital poor nutrition can seriously influence a patients wellbeing, especially if they are in a weakened state. When someone’s malnourished, their recovery time gets longer, medical complications become more likely and it can even extend their hospital stay. To help combat this, the government put mandatory food standards in place in all NHS hospitals, from mid-2015. As a Registered Dietitian, I know how vital it is that patients eat a nourishing diet so, one year into the scheme, I’m pleased to see the standards appear to be helping provide patients, visitors and NHS staff with nutritious and appetising meals.

We are proud to say that the majority of our ingredients were meeting the food standards even before they were introduced, however, as a direct result of these standards, we have made some changes to our supply chain.  Namely, to ensure that all fish is sustainably sourced; any palm oil in our ingredients is sustainably produced; and all cardboard used in our packaging is now made from 100% recyclable material.  As a business we are also more aware our energy use and waste management and continue to take steps to reduce these.  I’m thrilled with the way we at Anglia Crown, and other suppliers, are using these standards to ensure the quality of the food being served in hospitals is continually improving.


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