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In focus: Care Catering Award winner 2015 – Catering Academy

Care Catering - Jason JonesFollowing a successful ten years in business, Catering Academy has established itself as one of the UK’s leading independent contract caterers and won this year’s Cost Sector Catering Care Catering Award.  

Jason Jones from Catering Academy was up against Barchester Healthcare, Anchor Trust, Nottingham City Council and Caterplus. We would like to congratulate all of nominees for their hard work.

Catering Academy started off with the three founding directors and they managed to grow the company to a dedicated team of 1,450, which now delivers catering solutions to more than 192 educational and B&I sites nationally. In 2014, the company decided it was structurally equipped to drive growth and investment forward in the healthcare sector. With the three directors individually skilled in sales, operations and finance, a dedicated sector manager was needed.

Jason Jones, appointed the first general manager of healthcare at Catering Academy in January 2014, was tasked with spearheading the new business venture, ensuring its award-winning service and ethos was being integrated into its evolved healthcare offering.

Following a lot of investment in team development, on-the-ground research and service advancements, Team Academy has experienced substantial success over the past 12 months. Jones secured his first contract win and opened two sites in April 2014, just three months into his time at the company. By December 2014, this figure had increased to 24 sites, worth in excess of £10 million over the three-year contract term.

New contract sites include Pembrokeshire Housing Association, the Notting Hill Housing Trust and Saxon Weald, the latter compromising 21 sites serving more than 700 residents daily.

Eight new sites have been secured for 2015, with an additional turnover worth in excess of £3 million. In total, more than £13-million-worth of new business has been secured in less than 14 months.

Another six locations are in the pipeline to open over the next 12 months and a further three new openings are due in April this year, and with Solihull Care Housing Trust and the First Ark Group joining the stable. A key driver for sustained success has been Catering Academy’s open and honest communication with residents, family members, staff and stakeholders of every stage of the mobilisation process. With the continued development of the sector, Catering Academy envisages operating across more than 50 locations by December 2015.

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