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Nutrition and Hydration Week Ambassador, and Anglia Crown Dietitian, Ruth Smith, tells us why nutrition matters

Ruth Smith, Anglia Crown Dietitian

Ruth Smith, Anglia Crown Dietitian

Providing prepared meals for the healthcare sector which are both nutritious and delicious is a priority at Anglia Crown.  Myself, and the nutritional team here, are involved in developing the dishes right from the beginning, from the ingredient selection through to analysing the final recipe.

This year has seen the biggest ever yet Nutrition and Hydration Week, and I hope that the messages promoted last week will continue throughout the year.

For the week itself, we engaged on five core nutritional issues with both clients and staff, developing and running various food tastings and providing a five point series of nutritional information.

The topics highlighted included:

  1. Are you drinking enough?
  2. Did you eat breakfast this morning?
  3. Are you eating the right foods?
  4. Are you eating five a day?
  5. Are you a healthy weight?

In addition to this we printed our own commitment to nutrition on posters and flyers. Below is a summary of our commitment.

  • No nasties

We do not use ingredients that contain hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVOs), genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial colours that may cause hyperactivity, monosodium glutamate (MSG), or unsustainable palm oil.

  • We cater for all needs

We can provide meals for all dietary needs, such as healthy eating, higher energy, softer choices, modified texture, renal suitable, vegetarian, vegan, non-gluten containing, allergen free, kosher, halal, and Afro-Caribbean.

  • We follow the latest advice

We employ a Registered Dietitian and Associate Nutritionist, who follow and contribute to the latest industry guidelines published by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and Department of Health.

  • We use the latest software

We use state of the art software to analyse all of our products and verify the results by sending products to a laboratory for chemical analysis.

  • We focus on sustainability

We only use ingredients that contain or are working towards; only containing palm oil from sustainable sources, sustainably sourced fish and British Lion eggs.

I’d like to thank everyone who got involved in this years Nutrition and Hydration Week and look forward to next years being even bigger.

Ruth Smith RD BSc(Hons)

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