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‘The Med Factor’ – Anglia Crown’s Italian meals in Cost Sector Catering magazine

The May issue of Cost Sector Catering magazine includes a feature on Italian cuisine with comments from Anglia Crown’s Paul Howell.
Read the article online in the May 2017 edition here.

Anglia Crown recently launched five new and updated products as part of its award-winning Crown Advantage range including two Italian-style meals – a Mediterranean salmon stew and a baked macaroni pasta.

The dishes, which were introduced at the Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) Leadership and Development Forum in Belfast in April, reflect the growing demand for affordable Italian cuisine within the healthcare sector.

Paul Howell, head of commercial, Anglia Crown says:

“A Mediterranean diet, particularly one based on fish and vegetables is becoming more commonplace in the UK as people look for extra health benefits from their food. Salmon is often praised for its nutritional value as it is nutrient dense, contains important vitamins and minerals, is a source of protein and contains omega-3 fatty acids, which occurs naturally in oily fish.

“Anglia Crown’s Mediterranean salmon stew provides a cost-effective option for hospitals that wish to offer salmon as part of their menu.”

He continues:

“Italian cuisine is also popular for people on a vegetarian diet and it is arguably one of the most vegan friendly among international cuisines.”

“Italian food has become as much a part of our food culture as roast beef or fish and chips. It’s now one of the most popular cuisines in the UK and shows no signs of falling out of favour anytime soon.

“Pasta is a staple ingredient in most home kitchens now, so it’s no wonder our Italian meals continue to be among our best sellers. Our award-winning lasagne remains a firm favourite with patients at mealtimes.”

He adds: “At Anglia Crown, we are constantly looking at how we can develop our range to reflect the tastes and preferences of the public, to ensure patient menus offer a suitable choice.

“Patient feedback is particularly important to us and we will continue to look at ways we can update our Italian offering.”

The company’s Italian range includes its Crown Advantage beef lasagne with Torus Pac technology which won gold for the Best Main Course category at the BFFF (British Frozen Food Federation) 2015 Awards, as well as a vegetarian Quorn™ tomato pasta and penne pasta with mushroom, leek and cheese sauce.






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