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Menu Choices

Anglia Crown Menu Choices

Patient and resident choice has never been so flexible

Each and every dish on the Anglia Crown menu is handpicked after it has been extensively tested and tasted by our team at our UK factory kitchen.



With two separate ranges to choose from, there is a meal solution for everyone’s budget, equipment and taste. With a recently extended range, meal choices are wide-ranging from chilled to frozen, traditional or contemporary, single, multi or plated portions, à la carte or set menus, there is a good fit for everyone. With the Crown range of meal solutions, patient and resident choice has never been greater.

As a full service meal solution provider, it’s not just main meals and desserts that you can rely on us for. We also provide sandwiches, snacks and any other item you may require for your menu via our valued partners. Please contact us for more information.

Crown Advantage
Crown Advantage

Crown Advantage with Smartpack technology. Our next generation prepared meal solution with award winning packaging.

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Crown Choice
Crown Choice

Our core menu range, single and multi-portion, fresh and frozen range.

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Crown Menus for All Dietary Requirements
Crown Speciality Menus

Vegetarian, halal, cultural, NGCI (no gluten containing ingredients), purees, and texture modified meals.

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Our UK Kitchen


Developing delicious, nutritional and affordable prepared meals for Anglia Crown.


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