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We understand the considerable demands placed every day upon caterers across the NHS and care sectors. We recognise that the ability to provide on-demand hot meals that are nutritious, delicious, form part of a balanced menu, meet all national standards and are cost effective, is an incredibly tough brief; but it is one that at Anglia Crown we relish.

For over 20 years, we have provided chilled and frozen prepared meals, from an a la carte menu, with a range of over 200 dishes. Our goal is to enable our clients to provide greater patient or resident choice and give each of them the ability to create a bespoke menu, uniquely based around their own patient, resident or operational needs.

All of our meals are created at our UK kitchen in Colchester, and our in-house registered Dietitian, Ruth Smith, (who is a member of the British Dietetic Association), works very closely with our product development and chef team to ensure that food quality and nutrition are never compromised.

Our extensive ranges have been developed to cover diverse nutritional needs and include vegetarian, halal, NGCI (no gluten containing ingredients), purees and texture modified prepared meals.

Nutritional Portal – Launching 2014
As part of our on-going commitment to our customers, we are continuing to innovate and develop with new technology. We want all of our product information to be absolutely transparent, and are therefore researching and developing a bespoke client nutrition portal. This will allow our clients to log in and see all of the details of their menu at the press of a button. For more information on the launch or for any nutritional details regarding your menu, please [contact] your area manager.

Crown Speciality Menus
Crown Speciality Menus

Vegetarian, halal, cultural, NGCI (no gluten containing ingredients), purees, and texture modified meals.

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Developing delicious, nutritional and affordable prepared meals for Anglia Crown.


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