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‘Starchy staple’ – Anglia Crown’s potato dishes in Hospital Food + Service magazine

The July/August 2017 issue of Hospital Food + Service magazine includes a feature on potato products with comments from Anglia Crown’s Paul Howell. See the full article online in the July/August 2017 edition here.

Paul Howell, Head of Commercial at Anglia Crown, says: “The humble potato holds a special place in the British diet and forms a significant part of many of our prepared chilled and frozen meals for patients.

“Potatoes are universally appealing and offer such versality, from baked to boiled, roasted to mashed and of course the ever-popular chipped form. They have become an integral ingredient all over the world and are the fourth largest food crop on the planet.

“Although potatoes are eaten by people across all stages of life, they continue to be particularly popular with older people, with the much-loved starchy, tuberous crop forming a staple part of several of their preferred meals, not only at home but also during a stay in hospital.

“Mash potato is an essential component of our prepared meals and we mash an astonishing two tons of British potato on site at our UK factory kitchen every day we operate.

“We are proud to partner with UK supplier Parripak for our treasured mash; its traditional UK agricultural operation, rooted in the farming heartland of Bedfordshire was a perfect match for us.”

Howell adds: “Potatoes can form the base of many quick, simple and nutritious meals. They are a source of fibre and potassium and are naturally fat and gluten free.

“Good nutrition is important for all of us and at Anglia Crown we fully understand just how significant that can be in supporting a patient with their recovery.

“All of our dishes are created with strict portion control measures to ensure our clients receive a consistent supply of appropriately sized dishes for patients, which provide the right amount of nutrition, energy and calories per meal.

“We supply chilled and frozen prepared meals as part of our Crown Choice and Crown Advantage ranges, offering a cost-effective solution to a number of hospital sites across the UK, which can also help in reducing waste.

“Potatoes can feature in a whole scope of dishes at mealtimes throughout the day including breakfast, lunch and dinner and they also provide a sense of familiarity for patients.

“Some of our most popular dishes containing potatoes include our baked jacket potato, along with traditional meals such as shepherd’s pie or a roast chicken dinner. We also provide several potato-based side dishes including cheesy mash, croquette potatoes and jacket wedges.”






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