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The Colchester Kitchen

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From farm to fork

Our factory kitchen in the heartland of Colchester is a state of the art manufacturing kitchen, which bakes, cooks and prepares meals five days a week.

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Transparency, reliability, safety
From sourcing our ingredients, to creating recipes, cooking, packing and distributing, our methods are completely transparent, reliable and safe. We demand quality, consistency and sustainable supply from our suppliers and where possible and appropriate, we source from the UK. We are delighted to work with some of the UK’s leading suppliers, such as Heygates and Parripak. Due to the UK seasonal supply this is not always possible, however each and every one of our suppliers is rigorously investigated and must meet our stringent minimum requirements criteria.

AnglianCrown_21969Our team
Our development team is headed up by our Product Development Manager, Cameron Clark, and our development team create all of the recipes for our range. With over 20 years’ experience of producing meals for the NHS, Cameron and his development team create all of the recipes, dishes and desserts from the Crown meal range. Expert in delivering nutritious quality food that also looks good, the team is adept at developing family favourites into appropriate meals for NHS patients and care residents.

Waste reduction
To help reduce waste and maximise resources, our ranges can be purchased in large multi-pack sizes, or as individual dishes. The ranges are flexible to meet your needs and can be produced as either chilled or frozen.

Portion size
All of our dishes are created with strict portion control measures in place, guaranteeing that our clients receive a consistent supply of appropriately sized dishes for their patients or residents. Our range extends from our standard adult portions to a range of meals created specifically for junior appetites, along with a choice of energy-dense or reduced-calorie meals. Each Crown range has been tailored to suit you and your unique catering operation, guaranteeing exactly the right amount of nutrition, energy and calories per meal, every time.

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