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Vegan friendly menus

Crown Advantage Pasta Bolognese suitable for vegans

Anglia Crown’s company Dietitian, Ruth Smith, discusses the popularity of vegan food

Veganism has been a recognised dietary choice since the 1940’s. The last ten years, however, has seen numbers more than triple according to research carried out by the Vegan Society.

The reasons generally fall into one of three categories: compassion for animals; health (as a vegan diet is usually lower in saturated fat and high in fibre and antioxidants); and environmental reasons (mainly to reduce carbon emissions).

Many high street restaurant chains now have vegan friendly menus with some well-known brands even having vegan and vegetarian only branches. As the number of people choosing to eat a vegan diet increases, demand in the cost sector also rises.

In response, Anglia Crown have developed a brand new range of vegan dishes. Launching this month to help celebrate world vegan day, the dishes are available in both our multi-portion chilled and frozen range, Crown Choice and individual frozen meal range, Crown Advantage.

Our primary customer concern when catering for people with vegan dietary restrictions in the past was menu fatigue. We now offer a range of eleven individual plated meals for healthcare patients to meet this challenge. The products have been developed by our development chef and team following consultation with the Vegan Society to ensure we meet vegan consumer’s needs. The new dishes include meals inspired by international flavours and cuisines such as vegetable Jalfrezi, vegetable curry and vegetable lasagne. I think they have proven that meat free does not mean taste free.

Vegan dishes are not just suitable for people wholly following a vegan diet. The benefits mentioned above can also be achieved by choosing vegan dishes at alternate mealtimes, or even having meat free days. This is also known as a flexitarian diet where you flex your meat and meat free days. From a catering perspective, vegan meals also make a suitable choice for people who have allergies to eggs and milk so are multifunctional.

Nutritionally, the dishes all provide between 12-22g of protein, a maximum of 4g of saturated fat, and all meet the government’s 2017 salt reduction targets.

Following on from this development, Anglia Crown is launching a premium range, CROWN Premier, which will come in the same innovative packaging as our existing individual frozen meal range, Crown Advantage. Containing three more delicious vegan dishes, I am delighted to announce all three have secured the international vegan trademark from the Vegan Society.

The dishes registered in this range are butternut squash curry, Moroccan vegetable tagine and pasta peperonata and will launch shortly, watch this space.

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